David Hofer and Mario Marušić



David Hofer is the son of deaf parents who grew up with a good understanding of the value of assistive technology. Today he is the general manager of LIFEtool, an Austrian NPO devoted to research, development, and counseling services mainly in the field of computer-aided communication and a proud co-founder of the ATAAC Conference in Zagreb. At LIFEtool, David is responsible for user-centered design and development of educational software, apps, and assistive technology, like the IntegraMouse Plus. Currently, he is very much interested in virtual reality and accessible gaming for people with disabilities.


Due to a swimming accident in 2009 Mario Marusic has been paraplegic (quadriplegic). Before the accident, he was enthusiastically active as a DJ and it was his primary goal to be active as a DJ again as soon as possible after the accident. During the initial rehab period, he came across the Integra Mouse and this was the perfect tool to pursue his passion. Since he uses the mouse intensively, he is a power user and was also involved in the development as a tester. Since April 2021 he has been working as a research & development employee at LIFEtool. He conducts IntegraMouse tests on mobile devices and participates in research and consulting in the field of Accessible Gaming.


  Sep 30th 2022.
  11:30 - 11:45 a.m.    

IntegraMouse AIR, WheelSim VR

About session

In this lecture, you will learn:

  • how the mouth operated IntegraMouse Plus of LIFEtool is taking its steps towards the third generation to IntegraMouse AIR.
  • why LIFEtool user experience expert Mario aka Deejay Ridinaro loves his mouth operated IntegraMouse not only to sample music but is sure that the future generation will help to train the respiratory muscles.
  • how e-wheelchair driving can be trained safely and realistically thanks to the WheelSim simulation app, which also offers special lessons on correct behaviour.
  • the latest from the world of LIFEtool apps for Windows and iPads and how to use them effectively for playing and learning.