Diana Mountain, United Kingdom

Ambito Beaumont College


Diana is presenting to the conference this handy poster & booklet developed in German by her friend and colleague Irene Leber, and now available in English and Croatian. In 30 years as a speech and language therapist, working mostly with children and adults with complex needs, Diana spent 6 years in Germany working in AAC, and is currently part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team at Ambito Beaumont College in Lancaster, UK, supporting young adults with learning and physical needs.


Oct 16th 2019.
  11:00 - 11:30 a.m.    

The ”Assessing & Supporting Communication Poster” and ”Situational Circle” by Irene Leber: Tools to Assist AAC Intervention

About session

In this lecture, you will learn how to use the poster ‘Assessing and Supporting AAC’, a visual guide by Irene Leber.

This includes:

  • Key signs to look for in early communication
  • Questions to ask in assessment
  • Which AAC approaches to use at each stage
  • When to introduce symbol systems (photos, symbols)
  • How to increase communication opportunities (with the Situational Circle)

The Poster brings all this information into one place. It can be wall-mounted for quick reference or is easily portable for discussions wherever you go!