Jan Šokčević, Croatia

Centre for Autism


Jan Šokčević is a member of a band called ”Riječki dečki” („Rijeka Boys“), consisting of students attending the Centre for Autism in Rijeka. In 2016 he represented Croatia at the ”Autism Got Talent” show in London where he was chosen to perform among several thousand children and youngsters with ASD from all over the world.

He performed as a special guest at the concert of the Croatian artist Damir Urban in ”Tvornica” in Zagreb, where he played several songs with Damir and his band.

Jan is an excellent singer and a drum player. Other members of the band follow Jan’s performances and together they enjoy in every show they play, as well as in every rewarding applause they get from their audiences.


Oct 15th 2019.
  12:45 - 1:00 p.m.    

Music Power Up

About session

„Riječki dečki“ („Rijeka Boys“) is a music band founded by students of Centre for Autism in Rijeka, Croatia.

They started singing and playing music with a little help of their teacher Sanja Barić, with a desire to have fun and to break the prejudice about persons with autism living in their own world, not willing to interact with other people, unable to be successful. The truth is that sometimes they are annoyed by loud sounds, new spaces, new people, and various stimuli, but these boys prove that hard work and persistence remove all the obstacles and enable us to reach our small piece of happiness. They have performed at many concerts and music festivals in Croatia and abroad, and played for the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Mayor of the City of Rijeka.

At the recording studio of the Croatian singer Damir Urban and his band ”Riječki dečki” recorded the song ”Priđi mi bliže” (“Come Closer to Me”). Their choice of music is very wide, but they are happiest when singing and playing songs from their great friend and colleague Damir Urban.