Jürgen Kohl, Germany



Jürgen Kohl, a former paramedic, is the CEO of REHAVISTA GmbH. He has studied Healthcare Economy and used to be a marketing manager for Air Liquide – VitalAire and the COO for merged companies. Currently, he works as a „healthcare agent“ in a national healthcare company (REHAVISTA), responsible for medical aids and devices and (home)nursing.


Oct 15th 2019.
  3:45 - 4:00 p.m.    

Funding of Assistive Technology in Germany – the REHAVISTA Success Story

About session

In this lecture you will learn more about the highly regulated German healthcare market; all medical devices should have a number issued by the central healthcare agency, and all products that are likely to compensate disability are considered medical devices (MDR). Also, medical devices need to have certificates and CE label, as well as clinical approval, although education and rehabilitation services are often not well accepted as a necessary part of the device usage.