Silvija Pucko, Croatia

MURID Early Intervention Center


Silvija Pucko, CEO at MURID, special teacher, and a specialist of early intervention.

Silvija Pucko has been working on early intervention and early communication for around 20 years, with continuous education and licensing for different therapy approaches and methods, implementing them into everyday work of her team in an objective, measurable, and clearly evaluated way, as a basis for transparency of work and work outcomes of experts and of the organisation.

With the lack of systematic programs for early intervention in local community, she launches a series of programs and founds the Early Childhood Intervention Association of Međimurje County (MURID).

MURID is an organisation licensed to provide social services of early intervention, half-day daycare for children with communication difficulties and autism spectrum disorders, and to provide help with inclusion into the regular education system. 20 experts of different profiles form the transdisciplinary team in the local community, with permanent international supervision and working license based on principles of applied behavioral analysis. They provide weekly care for more than 200 children with developmental and social risks.


Oct 17th 2019.
  2:30 - 3:00 p.m.    

What Picture Exchange Communication is (not): Fallacies and Facts

About session

In this lecture you will learn:

  • why there are still myths and misconceptions on picture exchange communication, even 40 years after its first development, implementation, and numerous researches
  • the influence of expert views, correct application, licensed and supervised practitioners upon final success of picture exchange communication
  • what are the most common myths and misconceptions in the application of picture exchange communication
  • examples from many years of practice for more than 50 children from MURID